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What is XSPY Trader™?

You’ve heard the horror stories; you may even know someone who lost thousands in the stock markets. Why are trading disasters so common?

It’s because most traders are not aware that the markets are manipulated, and our only way to profit is by trading with the market makers.

XSPY TRADER™ aims to combat this plight. It’s designed to give you the unique “vantage point” to identify chart manipulations and price deceptions – by adopting a step-by-step trading plan with the skill of price action trading.


Learn the secrets of Price Action Manipulation Trading from Alson Chew, a 2-time award-winning former proprietary trader


About XSPY Trader™

Alson Chew, formerly a Senior Trader, is known in the proprietary trading circle for achieving a total net profit of more than SGD1.5 million. Throughout the course of his career, he has also won his firm’s Top Trader Award twice in a row.

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Coaching Programme

The XSPY professional Price Action Trading is a Mentorship Programme created to guide you step by step in applying the professional trader’s way of trading the global markets – Futures and Equities.

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Student's Review

XSPY Trader has literally given me a third eye in technical analysis to understand how market makers manipulate and capitalize on unsuspecting traders. Now I am able to front-run my trades, avoiding traps and started to make consistent profits. Thank you Master Alson Chew for sharing your invaluable insights. This TA skill is a must have for everyday traders.

How Yew Hwan
These days, for almost all my trading, I use XPSY strategies and tactics exclusively. I almost never enter a trade unless there is an XPSY set up. Nothing is 100% and no wins are guaranteed, but I simply cannot find a better system than XSPY that allows me stress-free and fairly accurate trading.

XSPY Trader is a highly unique and insightful course that helps you to read deeper between the lines, bars and charts so to speak compared to orthodox trading methods.

While some of the setups taught feel intuitive, Alson has nailed down the details to observe to an almost scrupulous perfection. The rationale behind the moves are soundly explained, lending greater confidence to enter the market n trade alongside those big boys.

The post-support telegram chat group provided after the course is indispensable to newbies where traders and trainer are active round the clock.

Alson’s rigorous work ethic in developing the system n performance record in his years trading at a prop desk provides assurance and credibility.

Mary Ho

“Alson opened up my way of trading. Now I know how the market makers think!”

I used to be very puzzled about why the market moves so out-of-sync with present events or any big event release. Now I know how the market makers think! XSPY Trader helped me understand how the market operates, which suits my short-term trading style. I appreciate that Alson was honest, humble and passionate about his craft. Thanks Alson! You opened up my way of trading.


Jess Kang
Assistant Manager Singapore, 2016

“My most valuable takeaway was learning the market makers’ way of accumulation
and distribution, and their way of taking out stops.”

I appreciate Alson’s willingness to share from his knowledge and experiences as a professional trader. He has very good insights on the subject matter and I trust that he will continue to refine his programme.

My most valuable takeaway from the programme was learning the market makers’ way of accumulation and distribution, and their way of taking out stops. I hope this makes us the 5% of traders that are profitable. I’m glad to be part of XSPY Trader.

James Xie Guo Zhong
Application Consultant Singapore, 2016
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