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Here at XSPY Trader™, our aim is to build a vibrant and supportive community to help students grow their trading potential and bringing them a step closer to their financial goals. Taking the first step in joining the XSPY Trader™ Masterclass symbolizes the beginning of your trading relationship with us and we want to continue being a part of your trading journey even after you’ve completed our Masterclass. This is why we offer an extensive support system such as:

1) Unlimited Access to XSPY Online Video Tutorials

✓ Over 22 Online Lessons Available
✓ More Than 20 Content-Rich Hours of Price Action Manipulation Video Tutorials
✓ Watch and Re-learn the Lessons Until You Become Profitable

2) Direct Mentorship By An Ex-Proprietary Fund Trader

✓ Direct Email Support
✓ Direct Telegram Support ✓ Have Your Trading Related Enquiries Answered By Alson Chew & His Team

3) Exclusive Access To XSPY Private Trading Community

✓ Get Access to XSPY Trader Active Forum
     – Get Your Questions Answered for All XSPY Traders in the Forum to Learn & Profit
     – Receive Resources & Trading Tutorials directly from Alson & Members of the Community
✓ Get Access to XSPY Trader Telegram Trades Discussion Chatgroup
     – Sharing of Trades With Other Like-minded Traders
     – Engage in Real-time Discussions of Market Analyses and Insights by Alson & Other Members
     – Get Your Trade Ideas Validated by Alson & Members of the Community

4) Get Access to XSPY Trader Resources & Tools

✓ Risk & Money Management Spread Sheet
     – Make Precise Sizing, Entries and Exit Price Decision At a Glance
     – Create Your Unique Trading Plan
✓ Additional Guides and Tutorials
     – Inter-Brokerage Platform Funds Transfer Guides
     – XSPY Bear Market Survive & Thrive Pointers
     – CFDs Basic Tutorials
     – Stock Screening Tutorials

5) XSPY Trader Exclusive Monthly eGatherings

✓ Join Our Meet-Ups Every Month
✓ Receive Alson’s Market Insights & Analysis
✓ Current Market Updates and Sharing
✓ Revision of Your Trading Skills With Alson and Other Traders
✓ Sharing and Discussing Trades Among Like-minded Traders
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Trading Market Manipulations like a Professional Trader
Index futures, Forex futures, Crude Oil and Gold futures.

“Well-structured; the small class was cozy and conducive for learning and interaction.”

I found the programme well-structured and informative. The small class setting was very cozy and conducive for learning and interaction. I was truly engaged by the programme and the great sharing by Alson — always smiling, frank and ever eager to teach. My biggest takeaway was learning how to trade futures and price action. Thanks!

Chua Hock Leong , RSAF personnel SG 2016

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