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You’ve heard the horror stories; you may even know someone who lost thousands in the stock markets. Why are trading disasters so common? It’s because most traders are not aware that the markets are manipulated, and our only way to profit is by trading with the market makers.

XSPY TRADER aims to combat this plight. It’s designed to give you the unique “vantage point” to identify chart manipulations and price deceptions – by adopting a step-by-step trading plan with the skill of price action trading.

You will discover the hidden factors that truly drive price movements such as “phony” supply or demand, so you can buy into a winning trade way earlier while other retail traders keep waiting for “signals” that never show until it’s too late.

Using only four sets of standard bars and charts, you will learn to interpret the behaviors of market manipulators by detecting specific deviations in their prices.

No more complicated technical analysis and lagging indicators! With only simple price charts and ladders to follow, you can now trade confidently alongside market makers to achieve consistent returns.

Why price action trading

  • You don’t need to worry about other complicated indicators to get your trade signals. You only need to focus on one indicator, and that’s price itself!
  • You don’t need to constantly scan the news − there will always be a price action signal that will get you into a trade before the news event.
  • You can make profitable use of higher time frames, as price action trading allows you to trade less frequently but with higher accuracy.
  • It is the closest thing to what floor traders in the trading pits use to watch the actual price numbers. No more falling trap to lagging indicators and predicting market movements from every economic news release.
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Trading Market Manipulations like a Professional Trader
Index futures, Forex futures, Crude Oil and Gold futures.

“Well-structured; the small class was cozy and conducive for learning and interaction.”

I found the programme well-structured and informative. The small class setting was very cozy and conducive for learning and interaction. I was truly engaged by the programme and the great sharing by Alson — always smiling, frank and ever eager to teach. My biggest takeaway was learning how to trade futures and price action. Thanks!

Chua Hock Leong , RSAF personnel SG 2016


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